Some Community Services

The Company contribution to environment protection

  • The Company established a waste water purification station with international specifications to process the water and reuse it for trees irrigation.
  • The Company damages the unusable tobacco weekly in the places specified by the Government.
  • The Company isolates the burned oils from drainages, and accumulates the same in specific places; and then uses them in other fields.
  • Upon building the new factory, the Company installed filters for preventing tobacco smell or dust from spreading.

The Company contribution to national society service

The Company provides in kind and material support to various institutions, commissions and departments of the national society in addition to municipalities, charities, social associations, mosques, alms and poor families.

It also made charitable programs aiming at fulfilling the social responsibility through a set of good contacts and relations established by the Company through the Public Relations Department with its local community in order to provide the area population with social welfare.

Through the Public Relations Department, the Company established a contact system with its local community to strongly and clearly protrude its positive image, and to show its effective participation in the national society development by social responsibility programs executed by the Company.

The Company continuous implementing the International Tobacco Company Grants Fund in order to develop national human resources in cooperation with Ministry of Higher Education, whereas 12 students, one of each Governorate, joined their fellow students at the cost of the Program; as a result, the beneficiaries from the Program are now 24 students, two of each Governorate of the Kingdom, to provide the national economy with qualified human resources.

This Program is part of the Company’s concern for Jordanian talented and educated youth; the total amount spent for serving the national society during 2007 was 50.437 dinars, and since foundation 539.611 dinars.