Eqbal Inv. Celebrates the Holy Month

Amman, Jordan - (September 2008) – In keeping with its strong sense of social responsibility, and in line with its aims to enhance the religious motif among the employees, Eqbal Investment is organizing an Omrah trip for 10 of its staff members, an activity it is initiating during the Holy Month of Ramadan for the fourth  consecutive year.   Eqbal has been offering grants for its employees facilitating Omrah procedures every year during the Holy Month of Ramadan. So far, 40 individuals, i.e. 10%, of the total number of Eqbal’s employees, have benefited from this initiative; and the Company is planning to continue  this humane and religious path by sending 10 employees every year on this trip.  It is also worth mentioning that the Social Committee at Eqbal Investment acknowledged the start of the new scholastic year of 2008 by offering more than 200 school bags for employees children, particularly those with salaries less than JD 300 per month. The bags were supplied with all the necessary stationary students will need throughout the year.   The Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of Eqbal Investment, Mr. Samer Fakhouri said, “these Omrah grants stem directly from our strong sense of social responsibility and team spirit towards our staff. By sending 10 of our staff members to perform Omrah rituals during the Holy Month of Ramadan, we feel that we are contributing towards strengthening their religious conviction, and, at the same time fulfilling their wishes and aspirations in this regard. The Company observes the religious and spiritual significance of Ramadan by spearheading this initiative, namely the Omrah trips. Revering the holiness of the religious occasion, the Company constantly exerts efforts to strengthen collective solidarity among the employees, and the community at large. The Holy Month is time of piety to honor and appreciate the efforts of our employees, as our pioneering position in the market is partly owed to them.  We are doing our part for creating a family atmosphere, and a working environment, gathering the Management with the staff in one strong team”. Commenting on the selection process adopted for choosing the beneficiaries of these grants, Mr. Fakhouri added, “our procedure for choosing employees to benefit from these Omrah trips is one based on several selection criteria which ensure justice and transparency. Employees eligible for these grants must have worked at Eqbal Investments for five consecutive years or more, and their salaries should not exceed JD 500, with distinguished employment record accumulated over the last three years, and, they must not have benefited from previous grants”.  As the start of the Holy Month of Ramadan coincides with the start of the new scholastic year of 2008, the Social Committee at Eqbal Investment was inspired to meet school supply requirements of some of the employees’ children. This gesture was based on the fact that employees are continuously facing the soaring prices and daily expenses that go beyond their financial means. The Committee thus provided 200 students with school bags and all stationary and school supplies they would need for the entire year. It is important to note that over 2200 students have benefited from this initiative since the inception of the Company.   Mr. Fakhouri also discussed the new communication system adopted in the Company. He announced that Eqbal Investment recently launched its new website (www.eqbal-invest.com), specifically designed to strengthen and enhance communication channels between the Company and other markets in the world. It was developed to provide detailed description of Eqbal Investment operations and those of its subsidiaries. It will publish the latest developments of the Company, and maintain constant contact with shareholders and customers around the world.