Eqbal Celebrates its 14th Anniversary
Mr. Tawfeeq Fakhouri, the Chairman of Board of Directors.



Amman, Jordan (October 2008) – In an annual tradition aiming at honoring its employees for their achievements, Eqbal Investment Co. celebrated the 14th anniversary of the beginning of presenting its products in the Near East in these year and month.

The celebration was sponsored by the Chairman of Board of Directors of Eqbal Investment Co. at Jabri Central Hall. It was attended by the members of Board of Directors and a big number of guests and friends of the Company. Through his speech made at the celebration, Mr. Tawfeeq Fakhouri focused on the importance of reinforcing the relationships between the Company Management and employees through making such anniversary celebration which clarifies the achievements gained by the Company throughout the previous years with reinforcing the single team spirit and common work between the Company Management and Employees. He thanked all employees from the General Manager and Top Management to the workers.

Eqbal Investment Co. continuously cares about its subsidiaries and their employees and workers through the programs that include  raising the minimum salary and providing employees with medical care through applying precautionary measures, periodical checkups and providing remedies at all times.

The Company provides medical insurance program to all employees and their family members. This program covers a lot of cases excluded from other medical insurance programs. At the same time Eqbal Investment Co. cares about providing all its employees and workers with good nutrition through serving daily meals; and it provides them with comfortable and safe transportation means from and to the Company.   Mr. Fakhouri stated in his speech that the Company " continuous to confirm its success and ongoing  achievements as a result of wise policies  adopted by the Company Management and  through the  policy  implemented for promoting its sales in the local and regional market. This success was achieved due to  concentrated efforts of our brothers and sisters at the Company who spare no effort to achieve more improvement and development.  

Consequently, we decided to grant a reward to all employees and workers at the Company of a half monthly salary in appreciation to their efforts in the Company development.

At  the end of the celebration, the sponsor distributed accreditation  and appreciation letters to the winning employees as follows:


1. A decoration and appreciation letter to the best director in the International Tobacco  and Cigarettes Company of 2008, Najat Al-Bou.



2.  A decoration and appreciation letter to the best head of section manager in the International Tobacco and Cigarettes Company of 2008, Mansour Shaheen.



3. A decoration and appreciation letter to the best employee in the International Tobacco  and Cigarettes Company of 2008, Neveen Al-Dabbas.


4.  A decoration and appreciation letter to the best employee in Al.Fakher Tobacco for Trading and Agencies of 2008, Mahmoud Al-Irani.